Hello. I’m Kevinthecritic, and welcome to my film and TV review blog.  I’ve been writing film reviews since 2005 and decided to start posting them up here.  Good, bad, unmentionably terrible, nothing is safe from my criticism!  Enjoy!

Book Club 2: This Next Chapter A Pleasant Improvement

3 wedding dress montags out of 5 (average) Back in 2019, I gave a royal kicking to the geriatrically star-studded Book Club.  Of course, a mid-20’s guy probably wasn’t their target demographic, but even still, I distinctly remember being bored mostly due to the film’s inability to commit to its raunchy humor and beguiling choice… Continue Reading

Cat Daddies: A Purrrfect Doc for Feline Fanatics

3 out of 5 stars (average) I grew up loving animals.  I’ve had various dogs and cats throughout my life and considered every one of them family regardless of how long they stayed with me.  Therefore, I found the new documentary Cat Daddies to be an adorable watch.  The doc shows the positive impact these… Continue Reading