Barbie: The Surprising Love It Or Hate It Film of 2023

3.5 out of 5 stars (above average) Barbie is one of those films you’ll either be entirely on-board with or spend its runtime groaning in agony.  Coming from the minds of Greta Gerwig (director of Little Women and Lady Bird), Barbie is a fiercely feminist film made for adults whose direct satire of men and… Continue Reading

Book Club 2: This Next Chapter A Pleasant Improvement

3 wedding dress montags out of 5 (average) Back in 2019, I gave a royal kicking to the geriatrically star-studded Book Club.  Of course, a mid-20’s guy probably wasn’t their target demographic, but even still, I distinctly remember being bored mostly due to the film’s inability to commit to its raunchy humor and beguiling choice… Continue Reading

Let it Be Morning: Underwhelming Drama has Good Performances

2.5 out of 5 stars (decent) Let It Be Morning is a film with a great small-scale dramatic premise that it doesn’t push far enough.  It’s solid on the technical side of things with good performances and direction as well as some effective moments of humor, but a lack of overarching tension on its main… Continue Reading