Zingling Zorgons, it’s “Zathura”!

3 out of 5 stars (average)

note: This film was a mainstay of my childhood.  I enjoyed the action, yet couldn’t stand the consistent arguing of the two main characters.  I got over it as I got older, as well as realized that their arguing was important to the movie.  Also, the film stars Josh Hutcherson And Kristen Stewart before they were household names, so that’s a bonus.  Please enjoy my review below.

From the world of Jumanji comes a new space adventure.

A young boy named Walter and his brother Danny live with their father (Tim Robbins) because their parents are divorced. The problem is that Walter (Josh Hutcherson) and Danny (Jonah Bobo) are two brothers who fight all the time. They are never nice to each other. One day, when Danny asks his brother to play ball with him, he accidentally hits him in the ear. His brother gets mad and chases him through out the house. He finds Danny hiding in the dumbwaiter and lowers him down to the dark, scary basement.

Down in the basement he finds the board game Zathura. Danny comes back into the house and asks Walter to play with him. Walter says “no” because he thinks Danny will cheat. Danny starts the game by pushing the go button, not knowing that a card will pop out and say “Meteor Shower.” The next thing they know, a real meteor falls from the sky and breaks the card. Then more meteors fall into the living room but no where else.

Next, they look out the window and see they are in space. They find they have to keep on going on, until the end, to get home. So they wake their sister up (Kristen Stewart) and she thinks it is night time and she is late for her date. She goes to the bathroom and gets ready, so they keep on playing. The next card they get is the “Frozen” card. Their sister gets in a trance and is frozen for five turns!

After the frozen card the “Your Robot is Defective” card pops out. Then they get a card and it says “You are visited by Zorgons.” A big space ship comes up and shoots big bullets at the house. Somehow the Zorgons go away.

Then its Danny’s turn and he gets a card that says “Rescue Stranded Astronaut.” What d’ya know, a real live astronaut (Dax Shepard) comes to their door and says, “You have a real Zorgon problem.”

Will Walter and Danny ever get home? Will they ever learn to like each other? Find out in this film that is so amazing you won’t want to leave the theater until it’s over!

I liked this movie because it was full of adventure, romance, and mystery. (I’m adding in the romance for the teens that may see it). I took my teenage babysitter and she liked it. She said it reminded her of Jumanji.) Some parts were slow, but some parts were funny. It is rated PG for fantasy action, peril, and some language.


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