The Mimic: Strong Leads Enliven Off-Putting Dark Comedy

2 out of 5 stars (Has some good moments, but is overall bad)

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I don’t know what to make of The Mimic.  The new film from Thomas F. Mazziotti is an odd duck whose premise sounds far better suited for a creepy psychological thriller than a quirky dark comedy.  What somewhat makes it work is the chemistry and banter between stars Thomas Sadoski and Jake Robinson, who I’d give anything to see play these roles in this story if it was being told from the darker angle it occasionally flirts with.  Despite strong chemistry between the leads, The Mimics quirky approach may alienate those outside the indie comedy crowd.

A man known only as The Narrator (Thomas Sadoski) meets a peculiar individual he dubs “The Kid” (Jake Robinson).  As “The Kid” begins stalking and imitating him, The Narrator attempts to determine if his follower is a psychopath while keeping him off the scent.

The Mimic is a perplexing oddity.  There are drolly funny lines on occasion and the entire cast (including some familiar faces in blink and miss them scenes) goes full-speed ahead into the strangeness here.  There’s one scene about 40 minutes in that hints at a far more self-aware direction, but the film sadly never develops on it and the bit comes off like a funny but unnecessary Family Guy cutaway gag.

The film also contradicts its timeline by opening in the middle of the story, flashing back to show how the characters got there, but then has a scene in the past where they’re talking about it as if the scene has happened.  Imagine Iron Man not showing Tony Stark’s captivity, but keeping literally everything else the same.  Sound bizarre?  You now understand The Mimic.

The Mimic has moments of droll humor and good performances from its leads, but its bizarre approach will likely limit its broader audience potential.  Fans of super quirky indie comedies may enjoy this, but skip it otherwise.  If The Mimic sounds up your alley, it is now available on VOD.

The Mimic is not rated.

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