Thoughts I had Watching Brad’s Status

1: Is Ben Stiller (the actor) okay? While I respect Stiller for attempting to move into more dramatic territory, I have to wonder if this film isn’t some kind of meditation on the direction his career.  He specializes in endearing losers, but this character just comes off like a sad strange little man.  Even stranger, he’s married… Continue Reading

Fockers: A Look Back at Ben Stiller’s Family Franchise

This is an analysis of the entire Meet the Parents franchise, thus its length.  “Franchise Reviews”, as I call them, will happen if I feel they are deserved, but this will only be on special occasions. Film franchises are Hollywood’s backbone. They bring studios large sums of money, launch little-known stars into A-listers, and provide… Continue Reading

Madagascar: M for Mammal Madness

Star Rating: 3 out of 5 (average) First an island, now a movie; about 4 animals (and 4 penguins.) Marty (played by Chris Rock) wants to see what it’s like in the wild. His best friend Alex, the lion, (Ben Stiller) wants to stay in the zoo and do acts for the people. Meanwhile, the… Continue Reading