“RV”: What a Ride to Boredom

2.5 out of 5 stars (not totally awful, but not good either)

Once upon a time Cassie (Jo-Jo Levesque) used to love her dad (Robin Williams playing Bob Munro) until puberty kicked in and she became a snot-nosed, typical teenager. Now she wants little to do with her dad or her mom, and she treats her 12 year old brother Carl like scum. Carl is played by Josh Hutcherson of “Zathura,” and mom, Jamie, is played by Cheryl Hines.

Bob thinks that Cassie doesn’t love him anymore so after hearing about one of the other employees at the soda company where he works taking his family on an RV trip every summer, he decides to take his own family on a motor home vacation that turns into a disaster. His family gets really mad when Bob tells them this RV trip has to replace their family vacation to Hawaii which they had been looking forward to for a “verrry” long time. He also doesn’t tell them that while on the RV trip he has to write a presentation for the soda company and for his idiot boss (who never considers that his ways might be endangering the fish of the ocean or other animals). He keeps telling his family that he has to go to the bathroom, where he really sneaks off to try to finish and send his presentation.

Their adventures include running into a strange western family, getting stuck in the rain, and fighting a family of raccoons! One of the funny parts was when Bob has to put a stink bomb in the RV to get the raccoons out of it. It gets them out, but it keeps Bob and his family out too…in the pouring rain! In another hilarious part of the movie, Bob notices that the sewage tank is full and finds a place for unloading sewage. He finds two goofballs who think they are “experts” on the sewage line, but after they tamper with the lines there is an explosion of poop and it all rains down on Bob’s head. Poor Bob.

Unfortunately this movie was slow as a snail out of action in some parts and it didn’t really have a point. For example, Bob’s boss was afraid of germs; pointless! I should have gone to “Akeelah and the Bee” like Mike Boylan asked me to.

Rated PG for crude humor, innuendo, and language, or for poor grammar.

By the way, there are about three “SOB’s” in long form-it was truly shocking.


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