Roar, swish, aaahhhhh!

3 out of 5 stars (average)

The Chronicles of Narnia is magical.

After their mother sends them away to be safe from the war that’s happening in their country, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy find themselves being taken to live with Mrs. MacReady. She has a personality like poisoned honey. Soon after they get in the house they try to make their new home fun by playing a game of hide and seek. Lucy can’t seem to find a good hiding place til she goes in a room with a mysterious wardrobe. She goes into the wardrobe and finds herself in Narnia, a magical place that is as white as snow!

Once in Narnia she meets Mr. Tumnus, one of the local creatures, who informs her that all children are supposed to be turned into the White Witch. He hides her instead of taking her in, and explains the situation to her. Anyone who stands up to the White Witch gets turned into a statue. The White Witch may sound good but here she’s the bad guy! (The lion, Prince Aslan, is the good guy. When he comes to Narnia it turns into spring again.)

Mr. Tumnus takes her back to the entrance of the wardrobe and Lucy tries to explain what just happened to her brothers and sisters, but the others do not believe her. Later Edmund goes into the wardrobe after Lucy and looks for her. Instead of finding Lucy he meets the White Witch and she is really nice to him. Edmund finds out she’s evil after the others go into the wardrobe and he wanders off into her castle.

I’m not going to tell you what the castle looks like because I want you to see it for yourself. I will tell you that this movie is really good because it takes fairy tales and action and puts them together. It was a longgggg movie, but the characters are enjoyable. It is rated PG for pretty darn good. It was even a little bit bet

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ter than Harry Potter.

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