“Pink Panther” is the Cat’s Meow

From the 1963 Pink Panther, this remake is even better than the original. Steve Martin (Cheaper by the Dozen 2) is Inspector Clouseau, a French policeman who’s never getting anywhere because he’s an idiot. But Clouseau’s luck changes when he’s promoted to inspector by the chief.

The chief, played by Kevin Kline, has promoted this nowhere man in an evil plot to make himself look good by making Clouseau look stupid. The evil plot stinks like a kitty’s litter box.

Soon, strange things start happening. Clouseau gets a partner and he is sent to America to follow the girlfriend of a killed soccer coach named Gluant. Clouseau’s partner suggests that he see an English therapist to learn how to talk in America. Later he gets in trouble and goes to jail for not being able to clarify that he has hamburgers in his pocket at the airport. This is one of the things I really kind of liked about the movie. He is trying to say “hamburger” but he says it in his French way instead.

One of the players on the team, Bizu, gives the inspector more information. But shortly after, Bizu is also killed. Once in jail, the detective learns that his partner is spying on him, trying to solve the case himself.

Beyonce Knowles, playing Gluant’s girlfriend, really made me think I was in heaven in this movie. Since I’m only 11, I shouldn’t like girls yet, and neither should the rest of you little whippersnappers, but, she’s really cute. I’m sure Beyonce will get a real husband one day.

Will the diamond be found? Will the detective get out of jail? Watch this comedy to find out. It’s funnier than six French peas in a pod. Rated PG for occasional crude and suggestive humor and language.

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