Run To Hulu’s Suspenseful New Thriller

3 out of 5 stars (average) Thank you to Brooke Levenstein and Hulu for sending me a screening link for Run.  It is available on Hulu in the US now. I have a soft spot for movies like Run.  Premiering on Hulu in the US, the new suspense-thriller packs plenty of shocks into its briskly-paced… Continue Reading

European Tour ’73: A Fun, Short DocuTravelogue

3 out of 5 stars (average) Thank you to Ross Munro and Maria Munro for reaching out to me for this review. European Tour ’73 is an interesting short.  The film is a 15-minute documentary and travelogue detailing one family’s trek across Europe in 1973 and the deeper meaning it had for the patriarch of… Continue Reading

Come Play: Tech-Based Horror Has Emotional Punch

Come Play may have the dumbest-sounding horror premise I’ve seen this year: A supernatural creature haunts an unstable family via an iPad (truly the most terrifying creation in existence).  However, as with an ever-increasing number of films with dumb-sounding conceits, Come Play makes the most out of its premise and provides a creepy creature flick… Continue Reading

Unthinkable: Uneven Drama Carried by Good Performances

2.5 out of 5 stars (Decent) Thank you to writer/director George Loomis for reaching out to me for this review.  Unthinkable is now available on Video on Demand with iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, FandagoNow, Redbox TVOD, Movie Spree, Comcast and Charter cable companies. Unthinkable is the kind of movie best described as “Genre confused”.  Its… Continue Reading