Holmes and Watson: Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly’s Spoof Sinks

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0 out of 5 stars

This review is dedicated to Nathan Gasparovic and Jake Lowy, who both requested I review this.  You’re awesome guys, here you go:

Holmes and Watson is the worst film of 2018.  I could go into its numerous problems, from a bad script, terrible pop culture jokes, and shockingly low level of chemistry between Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, but I don’t want to make this review too long, for the longer I write about this film, the more you may want to see if it’s really as bad as I say.  Trust me, Holmes and Watson is as bad as you’ve heard.

Sherlock Holmes (An unlikable Will Ferrell) and Dr. John Watson (John C. Reilly working overtime) are the most respected detectives in England.  Well, Sherlock is, and Watson is his lacky.  Anyway, the two are called upon by the Queen to solve a murder, with the perpetrator supposedly being Moriarty (a painfully underused Ralph Fiennes).

Holmes and Watson has about 6 chuckles in its 91-minute runtime.  The other gags are pop culture references including but not limited to: Selfie Sticks, Donald Trump, Battleship, and even Titanic.  Ferrell and Reilly are annoying here rather than funny, and the supporting cast is completely wasted.  Rebecca Hall is the sole bright spot as Dr. Grace Hart, a Woman Doctor (a gag which the film repeats ad nauseum).  She gives the film some much-needed life and made me wish the story focused on her instead.  However, besides her, this was a chore to sit through.  I apologize to every bad film I’ve seen this year.  At least they weren’t this bad.

Rated PG-13 for Crude Sexual Material, Some Violence, Language, And Drug Material


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