Getting It: Sweet Romance Gracefully Navigates Tricky Territory

3 out of 5 stars (average)

As much flack as it gets from mainstream critics, I’ve often found the romance genre to be a comforting one.  Most of the time, you know two people will meet, sparks will fly, and they’ll end up together before the credits roll.  What’s unique about Getting It is how it both follows the formula for a traditional romantic drama and slightly upends it without tooting its own horn.  You’ll probably know where it’s heading, but like any good romance, the road getting there is sweet and ultimately uplifting.  Getting It follows tradition, but a unique central romance should earn it attention.

Jamie (Tom Heard, who also writes, directs and produces the film) is a singer who has isolated himself after a bad breakup with his boyfriend despite the pleas of his friend/landlord Linus (Adrian Laguette) and editor Elaine (Sharron Bower).  Across the hall lives the similarly isolated Ben (Donato De Luca), a younger man who enjoys writing poetry.  When Jamie and Ben meet, they form a unique connection that helps each man grow from their pain and learn to love again.

The most surprising aspect of Getting It is its handling of a potentially off-putting romance.  The age gap between Jamie and Ben easily could have been creepy or uncomfortable, but Heard carefully avoids any predatory undertones by playing the romance as traditionally and mutually felt as possible.  Heard and De Luca share a nice, understated chemistry and the slow blossoming of their relationship feels earned.  The supporting cast does well adding both moments of humor or increased drama when called upon, and the ending is sweet without dipping into sentimentality.  It’s a solid romantic story that might not rock your world, but will leave you feeling good.  Getting It offers a different take on the romance story that feels both comfortingly familiar and refreshingly new.  See it.


Likely would be Rated R for Some Language and Sexuality

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