Downton Abbey: Witty Finale a Royal Goodbye for Fans

2 out of 5 stars for nonfans, 3.5 out of 5 stars according to a fan

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This review was requested by Peggy Thomas.  Thanks for being a great mom.

I never watched Downton Abbey.  I know of its importance in pop culture and have seen a few YouTube compilations of funny lines from Maggie Smith’s character, but I am as much an outsider to this show as one can be.  As such, I couldn’t make heads or tails of much of the goings-on in this bustling mansion, but enjoyed its humor and sense of finality.  Downton Abbey will do little for those outside of the target audience, but should serve as a great finale for longtime fans.

The inhabitants of Downton Abbey have two weeks to ready their abode for the King and Queen.  With snobby royals undermining their efforts, the valiant staff must maintain propriety while also dealing with personal dramas, romantic revelations, and life-changing decisions.

Downton Abbey is made for the fans.  It throws no bones to outsiders as to who the characters are and how they relate to each other, and I begrudgingly respect it for catering to its audience.  That said, it has some laughable logic gaps (I’ve seen playgrounds with better security measures, why do the Downtonites allow the worst possible guy to serve the royals), and makes references to important offscreen events in the film’s story that we didn’t see.  Some characters and subplots are sidelined for long stretches, and the 3rd act feels endless.  However, the cast is solid, the humor effective, and the ending likely to leave joyful tears in fan’s eyes.

Downton Abbey is a satisfying swan song for its fanbase.  While I feel the direction and editing don’t justify its journey to the big screen, I congratulate it on wrapping up its multiple storylines in just over 2 hours and leaving me with a sense of optimism.  Fans should See It.

Rated PG for Thematic Elements, Some Suggestive Material, and Language

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