Note: This is a good film.  When I first saw this, I didn’t understand it.  Currently, I do not find the film to be a bore, but a very well-told story.  Just goes to show how time can change a person’s perspective.  Please enjoy the review below.

2.5 out of 5 stars (decent)

This is the worst Pixar film ever. It was created for 8 year-olds.

The year is 2775. Wall-E is a robot who was programmed to pick up trash that the humans left for robots to pick up. He is curious, however, which can sometimes lead to hilarious situations. Besides his pet cockroach (yes, a cockroach), Wall-E has no other companions because he’s the only other living, well kind of living, creature on Earth. He listens to “Hello, Dolly” and other songs in his spare time via an old videotape of them.

Wall-E’s luck changes when a rocket lands and another robot called Eve arrives on the trash-covered planet looking for any signs of life. Wall-E is enchanted by this new robot, so he makes it his mission to make her notice him. She does, and the two become friends. Awwwww! When Wall-E shows Eve a plant he had recently found, she sends for a probe to take her back home.

However, when the probe Eve sent for arrives to collect her, Wall-E, not wanting to lose his friend, hops onto the probe and follows Eve into space.

In space, Wall-E finds the humans that trashed up Earth. Well, their decendents, that is. They are all sitting around on a luxury spaceship with robots to serve them in any way they need. Eve must give the plant to the ship’s captain as proof that everyone can go home back to earth. Wall-E helps her do this, and a relationship forms around the two robots.

I definitely liked some parts of this movie. Wall-E was very energetic and cute, and he was able to express his emotions in any way without talking. It was funny to me that Wall-E’s only friend was an amusing cockroach. The animation didn’t interest me much, and my mom dozed off, which is a rare occasion for her. It was also interesting to see what they thought Earth might look like in 700 years, not to mention the laziest people in the galaxy!

The movie just felt a little too kiddish for me. I can’t really explain why I didn’t like it, I was just a little bored in some parts. Little children will definitely like the movie, although they might be a bit creeped out by the giant “Wall-R” that nearly turns Eve into a square of trash.

Pixar missed the boat here, by a few miles. Rent “Finding Nemo” if you really want to be entertained. Rated G for Good-hearted.

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