The Making of a Movie Geek

When I was 15 years old, my friend and mentor Mike decided it was time for me to expand my cinematic horizons.  To do this, he came up with a project in which I would watch and review one classic film a day all summer long, each “week” of summer focusing on a different film genre.  We planned these reviews to become a book entitled “The Making of a Movie Geek” and had the whole thing ready to go, but alas, life intervened and it went unpublished.  However, as everyone is (or should be) stuck at home with nothing to do, I thought now would be a good time to both start releasing those reviews and offer the challenge up to you, my awesome followers.  Each week, I’ll release the genre and films for you guys to watch and leave your thoughts on that week, each day releasing one of my reviews for you to comment on my website.  This way you can either revisit or discover some classic films during this time of uncertainty.  Happy viewing, and wash your hands.

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