Christopher Robin: Disney’s Heartfelt Tearjerker a Perfect Family Film

4 Tigger-Bounced, Honey-Soaked stars out of 5 (One of the best of the year) I have long been against Disney’s current trend of reimagining their classic films for modern audiences.  While they strike gold on occasion (Pete’s Dragon), more often then not, these films lack the spirit of their originals and grossly misrepresent their iconic characters (Maleficent).  Therefore, it gives me immense pleasure to Continue Reading

Ernie And Cerbie: Family Film Mixes Spiritual Elements, Good Message

Ernie and Cerbie Poster

3.5 out of 5 stars (above average) Family entertainment is harder to find than an honest politician.  Most “family” films rely on kid-only humor, leaving their parents waiting anxiously for the credits.  Film producer Tammy Williams (through her production company Tammy Dele Films) made her directorial debut with The Chronicles of Ernie and Cerbie, a film that will actually entertain the entire family Continue Reading

“Zootopia”: Disney Cop Dramedy Has Vibrant Animation, Mature Theme

4 out of 5 stars (one of the best of the year) There is a stigma around animated movies that they are primarily for children. I completely disagree with this claim, as many animated movies of the past few years have more thought and effort put into them then many of the live-action films I see each year.  Disney especially has stepped up their game in recent years with the quality of its animated films, with Continue Reading