She’s Allergic to Cats: Needlessly Bizarre Indy Tests Patience

2 out of 5 stars (has some good moments, but is overall bad)

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She’s Allergic to Cats is one of those indie films stuffed with “stylish” (here meaning obnoxious) editing choices, disturbing imagery, and “shock value” nudity that smothers its story.  The 2 leads are good and the ending packs a good punch, but She’s Allergic to Cats will do little for anyone outside the arthouse crowd, at least in my opinion.

Michael (Mike Pinkney) is a socially awkward dog groomer who moved to Hollywood dreaming to make artsy films with animals that “nobody wants to watch”.  One day, he meets a girl named Cora (Sonja Kinski) who is charmed by him and agrees to go out on a date.  Unfortunately, Mike’s apartment is a dirty rodent casino and his landlord won’t do anything about it.  Desperate, Michael buys a cat to clear the rodents out while he’s on the date, leading to unforeseen consequences for all involved.

The casting in She’s Allergic to Cats is its strongest asset.  Pinkney and Kinski are believable and the best scenes are those focusing on their interactions and Michael’s nervousness leading up to the date.  Unfortunately, the film’s crutch-like reliance on shock imagery and bizarre editing constantly disconnected me from the story.  I’m not against films having flashy editing, visual symbolism, or nudity, but their inclusion here slows the pacing to a crawl and nearly gave me a headache.  To its credit, the film’s ending is suitably shocking and has a great twist that clarifies some of the bizarre editing choices, but I imagine most mainstream audiences will be turned off before that point.  If you enjoy head trippy arthouse fair, then check out She’s Allergic to Cats.  If not, I highly recommend skipping it.

Likely would be Rated R for Language, Graphic Nudity, and Bloody Violence

She’s Allergic to Cats is available on Amazon and iTunes.

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