Reality Queen!: Dated but Hilarious Satire Earns its Spotlight

3 out of 5 stars (average).

Poster Courtesy of High Octane Pictures

Like Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping, Reality Queen! is a hilarious takedown of a certain kind of celebrity that you will either recognize and enjoy, or wonder why your older friends are laughing.  In this case, the target is early 2000’s reality TV stars, with a Paris Hilton-inspired lead character whose lack of self-awareness is matched only by her vapidity with hilarious results.  Reality Queen! is a loving satire of early 2000’s reality stars complete with dated (yet effective) pop culture references, exaggerated characters, and a raunchy sense of humor that I wish had come out sooner.

Self-absorbed reality TV star London Logo (Julia Faye West) has it all: A huge house, several product lines, and a bad reputation, but don’t tell her that last one.  When she allows documentarian Diana Smelt-Marlin (Kate Orsini) to film her daily activities for one week, Marlin watches with shock and awe as Logo’s increasingly ludicrous actions gain her both fame and controversy, all in a bid to dethrone pregnant rival star Kristy Kim (Candace Kita).

Anyone who remembers the ridiculous antics of the Kardashians or other such celebrities will get a kick out of Reality Queen!.  Julia Faye West makes London someone we love to hate, but can’t stop following, and the reactions from Orisini and the supporting cast are priceless.   Though some jokes hit harder than others, Reality Queen is an enjoyable satire with clever jokes, committed performances, and a brisk pace that will leave you laughing.  See It.

Likely will be Rated R for Language and Sexual References

Thank you to High Octane Pictures for contacting me to review Reality Queen!.  I look forward to their future projects along with the entire cast and crew.  The film hits Digital and DVD and will be in select theaters January 10th in the following cities: New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Atlanta, Seattle, Detroit, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Orlando, Cleveland, Baltimore, Austin, Tucson, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Boston.

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