Come Play: Tech-Based Horror Has Emotional Punch

Come Play may have the dumbest-sounding horror premise I’ve seen this year: A supernatural creature haunts an unstable family via an iPad (truly the most terrifying creation in existence).  However, as with an ever-increasing number of films with dumb-sounding conceits, Come Play makes the most out of its premise and provides a creepy creature flick… Continue Reading

Unthinkable: Uneven Drama Carried by Good Performances

2.5 out of 5 stars (Decent) Thank you to writer/director George Loomis for reaching out to me for this review.  Unthinkable is now available on Video on Demand with iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, FandagoNow, Redbox TVOD, Movie Spree, Comcast and Charter cable companies. Unthinkable is the kind of movie best described as “Genre confused”.  Its… Continue Reading

Tenet: Good Acting Can’t Save Nonsensical Thriller

2.5 out of 5 stars (decent) There’s a lot riding on the success of Tenet.  After multiple pushbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic and writer-director Christopher Nolan’s insistence that it be seen in theaters, many were proclaiming Tenet would bring everyone back to the movies again.  I’m sad to say that not only does Tenet… Continue Reading