Jexi: Poorly-Directed Misfire Should Be Left in the Trashbin

1 out of 5 stars (the worst of the year)

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Note: If you suffer from motion sickness, Jexi’s camerawork may cause a reaction.  I recommend the Gravity Falls episode Soos & the Real Girl (available in parts on YouTube) if you want to see Jexi’s premise done well.

Jexi shouldn’t be this bad.  Written and directed by the guys behind Bad Moms, the film has a solid premise and dedicated cast, but fails to utilize its potential. Instead, Jexi coasts on tired shock humor and a romance so terrible it makes the one in Twilight look comparably appealing.

Phil (a committed Adam Devine) has been obsessed with his phone since childhood.  He has no social life to speak of, and works a dead-end job writing clickbaity lists.  However, when he gets a new phone, it comes with a hyper-intelligent Siri-esque program called Jexi (Voiced by Rose Byrne), who encourages him to mingle with his co-workers and pursue a relationship with bike store owner Cate (Alexandra Shipp).  Unfortunately, Jexi soon falls head-over-keyboard for Phil and grows jealous when he spends less time with her, setting out to destroy Phil’s newfound social life.  He can’t just get another new phone because Jexi is in the Cloud and thus can follow him onto any electronic device.

Jexi is the worst film of 2019.  The film is full of product placement and music montages (I counted 5 in the 84-minute runtime), the crude gags grow tiresome, and the camerawork is amateur.  Devine has more chemistry with a cell phone than with the other human actors (Byrne’s lines were read to him through an earpiece and her voice was added in post-production), and the “romance” is rushed and uncomfortable.  While not without an occasional chuckle, Jexi is a largely unfunny bug that never should have seen theaters.  Delete Jexi.

Rated R for Strong Crude Sexual Content and Language Throughout, some Drug Use, and Graphic Nudity

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