Alien Addiction: Crude Sci-Fi Comedy A Passable Buzz

2.5 out of 5 stars (decent)

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Thank you to Bride Cameron for reaching out to me for this review.  Alien Addiction is now available on Demand, DVD, and Blu-Ray.

We’ve seen aliens come to earth for a multitude of reasons throughout film history.  Some want to kill us, some want to enslave us, and some want to beam up our women and cattle for scientific study.  Whatever alien invasion films you’ve seen before, I can assure you that Alien Addiction presents extraterrestrials with goals never before put to screen.  They don’t seek to harm, experiment on, or even overtake us.  No, all these aliens want is to get super high off of our excrement.  Alien Addiction is a low-brow sci-fi comedy whose crude yet unique premise should find it a place among the late-night streaming catalogue.

Riko (Jimi Jackson) is a pot-smoking loser who spends his days goofing off with his mates and making ill-fated advances at women.  That mundane life gets more exciting when he comes upon a crashed alien ship in the woods housing 2 aliens who get massive highs from smoking human feces.  Curiously cool with this development, Riko starts partying it up with the stoned ETs, soon pursued by a sniveling blogger (Thomas Sainsbury) who seeks to expose the aliens.

Alien Addiction is not going to be for everyone, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it.  The humor is expectedly crude, raunchy, and juvenile, but the straightforward delivery is admirable.  The acting is passable and more of the jokes hit than miss, but this is definitely the kind of movie you turn on with your buddies after you’re brain-dead from studying for exams all week.  If the central idea sounds funny to you, you’ll probably like it.  If it doesn’t, you won’t.  There’s a brief joke involving roofies that wouldn’t pass the “reverse the genders” test and the 3rd act tries for some emotional tugging the film so hasn’t earned, but otherwise it’s fine for what it is.  Alien Addiction is a perfectly passable time-killer for those who want some low-brow laughs.

Would likely be Rated R for Language, Crude Sexual Humor/Content, Drug Use, and Some Nudity

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